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Milo Murphy's Law: A Day In The Life!

Meet Milo Murphy. He's an ordinary kid, except that his life is dictated by Murphy's Law, which means that anything that can go wrong, will! This causes no end of adventures for him and his friends, Melissa and Zack, not to mention his dog Diogee. After all, he has to be prepared for anything, from a "normal" science lesson, to getting a drink of water from a water fountain. Who knew those things were so highly pressurized?

Meanwhile, time travelers Cavendish and Dakota are doing everything they can to protect the future of the pistachio, their boss's favorite nut! However, their frequent run-ins with Milo often cause that mission to fail. 

The set comes with five minifigures: Milo, Melissa, Zack, Cavendish, and Dakota. It also comes with a Diogee build, a pistachio cart with an exploding function, an array of random tools for Milo, and his school building, which includes a sign, a bike, an exploding water fountain, and the science classroom.

Make sure to like and support this set for it to get to 10,000 supporters, so that you can have Milo and his friends wreaking havoc (accidentally) in your LEGO collection!

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