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This is Naegling. Naegling is a sword from the fantasy book series Eragon by Christopher Paolini , and belongs to a Elf named Oromis. Oromis is the last of the ancient Dragon Riders, and his dragon is the gold-scaled Glaedr. As of tradition, Rider Swords are colored based on the color of the scales of the Rider's dragon. These swords do not scratch or break.

This is a very unstable model so if it gets approved, I'll leave Lego up to the stability issues.

This is one of three swords that I have created, so if you would like to see other Eragon swords, I will have more coming. I may also do swords and weapons from LOTR.

I would sell this at USD $25-30.

Model Info:

  • 72 bricks.
  • Made in LDD.




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