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Classic Fairytale Castle

"You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess"

Fairy tales have been part of us since childhood, through movies or books ... We all know the basic outline of a fairy tale, a princess locked up saved by a pious knight and they live happy until at the end of time !
With this model I wanted to commemorate this with a set representing the stages of a fairy tale.

This model measures 27.5 cm high and 31 cm long. It consists of a castle, French garden and a small bridge at the back.

The castle :

It is separated into three parts, two towers and a ballroom.
The first floor of the right tower contains a cradle and upstairs is a part of the tower in which the princess is enclosed with a bed, a small table and the princess.
The first floor of the left tower contains a table for writing the tale and upstairs a part of the castle representing the place of the final battle between the prince and the sorcerer.

Minifigures :

5 in total plus one horse
-2 minifigures of the prince, that of the ball and that of the fight
-2 minifigures of the princess, that of the ball and that of the tower
- 1 minifigure of the sorcerer

I hope you like this model and do not hesitate to ask me questions in the comments !

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