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Musical Theatre


The Theatre is a minifigure scale theatre with a box office, stairs up t the bar and Balcony seats, as well as the Royal Box.

Foyer and Stalls downstairs and stage.  The stage shows a scene from Phantom of the Opera but could be changed to a more generic scene. The addition of a Curtain for the stage would be good.  Currently left open on one side, top and the back for playability but could be more enclosed. Currently has seats for 65 minifigures but could easily be scaled down. The exterior has a modern sign attached to an older building facia as is the case with many theatres.  Hanging baskets and columns at the front and graffiti and show posters down the side which leads to the stage door.  Two minfigures for back stage crew and two actors on the stage.  Could be made modular to show the two floors but I have left the back open to show detail and removed some bricks to show off inside

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