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Atlas: BrickHeadz


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Hi! Thanks for checking out my latest LEGO Ideas project, an Atlas BrickHeadz model!

I've said before that I think BrickHeadz have a lot of potential, and they're a fun style in which to build LEGO figures. As I have done with my previous Mount Rushmore BrickHeadz project, I wanted to create a BrickHeadz set that goes beyond the typical licensed character BrickHeadz just standing there, and venture more into the realms of architecture, sculpture, history or mythology.  Mount Rushmore explored history and architecture in a famous American landmark.  In this project, it's a mix of the sculpture and mythology.

According to Greek Mythology, Atlas was a Titan fated to carry the heavens -- not the earth, as he does in many modern depictions -- upon his shoulders, forever.

This LEGO Ideas project depicts Atlas, sculpted as if from marble, straining to hold a giant, heavy sphere on his back.

Atlas has been depicted many times in art and sculpture, carrying either a celestial sphere or the Earth. When I started with this project, admittedly, I was thinking (mistakenly) it was the Earth he was carrying, but luckily, I didn't go for a big blue marble on his back, and I didn't try to make it look like the globe we all know.  It's a little ambiguous, I guess, and that's okay.  If you want it to be the Earth, it's the Earth.  If you want it to be the heavens, it's the heavens.  I'm good either way. ;)

The model consists of 246 pieces, mostly white or light grey in color.  It features a Bruce Lowell-inspired sphere, articulated arms, and... well... a furrowed brow!

Won't you please support the Atlas BrickHeadz project, and share the link to the project on your favorite LEGO blogs or social medial platforms?  Thanks again!  Here's hoping that 10,000 supporters from now you can build your very own Atlas!


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