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Clash Royale: Siege on the Princess Tower

This is theLotrbuilder, with my new creation from the video game Clash Royale. This is a princess tower, which is under attack from an Electro Giant and Pekka. I built the Electro Giant several months ago, but my versions of Pekka and the tower or very new.

This has around 1,000 pieces or so, but I am not entirely sure of the piece count. This is the first time I have attempted character building, and I hope you enjoy them! The Electro Giant contains much SNOT (studs not on top), and many hinges (clips and ball joints). There is an electrical field I places underneath the giant, built with many transparent light blue pieces.

Pekka has similar building techniques, and is slightly smaller. It is built almost entirely of dark grey, with a little bit of transparent pink mixed in. I used coffee mugs to achieve the horns because I was very limited on pieces within that color.

The tower has a bit of SNOT, but is mostly stacking. I attempted to make it look as much like the towers in the game as I could, including the golden crown placed in the front.

I hope you like my newest project idea! Please support to make it a set!

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