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Rigid 3 Axle Truck

A 3 axle rigid truck and twin axle trailer, I am still adding details and thinking of ways to add to the payability of it. Open to suggestions here. Unfortunatley had to use the yellow pieces as found in the LEGO Delivery Truck set only as I didnt have enough large panels of other colours. For clarity 6 wide and 44 long. As before working on getting some better images.

This truck has a few 'brothers' as well. More twin axles, 3 axles and even a 4 axle rigid. I have another version that replicates a Coke Cola 3 axle too.

The aim is to make them relatively simple to build (ala LEGO set) and to Minifigure scale.

I'll submit some better pictures of this model shortly, as this was taken on my phone, before I discovered CUUSOO.

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