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Lego American Ninja Warrior


Everyone loves the tv show American ninja warrior, but what if you could build some of the obstacles with lego bricks? If you push the support button and tell more people about it, then there's a high chance your dream could become a reality! 


This would be a great idea for a few reasons. First, the course is easy to play with and built so stop motion animation can easily be done. Also the obstacles can be separated and rearranged in any order for endless possibilities. 


Above I have pictures of the:

floating steps

upside-down stairs

rolling log 

rope swing

salmon ladder*

leap bar

warped wall

And others can easily be made!

I have been working on this for a year, so I didn't steal this idea from anyone. I think this would be an awesome idea and it would be highly profitable. Please support!

Brick by brick, BEpicStudios.

*The samon ladder can easily be made better, I just don't have the right pieces to do it.

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