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Rock Concert


Have you ever dreamed of being a rock star? Well, with this LEGO set you can make that dream come true! Bring all your minifigures together for an epic show by the greatest LEGO band of all time.

I've been both a LEGO and music fan for all my life so I figured I could get the best of both worlds. That's why I sat down in LDD and started building the most epic stage I could imagine and to the greatest detail possible.

The details included are:

  • Amplifiers for both guitar and bass (in traditional Marshall gold, if this isn't okay they can be made black so they don't reference any real company).
  • Drumset including: 2 bass drums, Snare drum, 5 toms, 2 hihats (open and closed), crash, ride, splash and china cymbals.
  • Both the guitar and bass player has additional instruments for different tunings.
  • Crew includes FOH engineer so the audience can hear, monitor engineer for the band to hear each other, lighting engineer and pyrotechnician.
  • Full light show with colored FX lights, blinders and stage lighting.
  • PA-system with 4 subwoofers, monitors for each musician, a huge line-array system and front fills so the biggest fans up front can hear.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it's not too complex to build and it gives kids the chance to become rock stars!

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