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Mega Liner Bus


Hi folks ,
Here my next creation.
* Sultana Mexican Mega Liner Bus *
Now I want you my newest creation introduce a “Sultana” Mega liner bus.
This bus is very reminiscent of the American Greyhound buses from the 70ies and not without reason.
The Mexican company "Trailers de Monterrey" has brought in the 70's a four-axle Mega liner bus on the road along  the lines of the American Greyhound Bus.
By chance I came across on the Internet on this bus
and found the design so well that I had to rebuild it.
Now Lego City also has a reasonable bus where the residents of Lego City comfortable traveling can
and can watch beautiful rural scenery en route.
With this project, I would like to enrich the Lego City World
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Keep on building! ;-)

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