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Claw Machine

A LEGO Claw machine, with cute LEGO prizes
Claw machines are beloved by children and adults around the world.
They can be found in fun-fairs and arcades. Insert a coin, and you get a chance to “catch” that cute toy you really want!
This model is a working LEGO claw machine, with LEGO mini toys and minifigures as prizes!

A working mechanism for the claw position control (see pictures and descriptions below).
Brick-built prizes and 3 minifigures for you to catch.
Brick-built prizes include cute dinosaur, robots, alien, cats can more!
LEGO text decorations on 3 sides:  Reading as “GOOD LUCK”, “PLAY”, and “LEGO CLAW”.
Control panel with coins slot (compatible with classic LEGO gold coins).

  • There are two motors hidden in the base. Each motor drives one axle pillar through a bevel gear couple. The pillars transmit the torque to the X-Y platform hidden in the top.
  • The platform has two moving axes. Each driven by worm gear.
  • The claw is pushed by the beams on both axes, so the crossing point controls its location.
  • I am still working on the claw-drop function, based on scissors mechanism, with rubber-band to pull open the claw when it’s lowered. I will add it in the updates once it’s ready.
If you want a working LEGO claw machine, please vote by pressing the “Support” button!

I've included a few color variants for this model in the gallery, let me know which one looks best in the comments! Cheers.

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