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Valentine's Day Gift Box

What is it?
A jewellery box, utilising the 6 x 6 heart-shaped plate.

Why did you build it?
While exploring the heart plate, I recalled a gift I received in my childhood: a jewellery box in a heart shape (it should still be kept somewhere). Inspired by the matched shape, I created this gift box that you can actually put a ring in and easily put the lid off and on. The tiny little model is not only a reproduction of the gift I owned but also a tangible embodiment of my cherished memories. It is a physical manifestation of both imagination and reminiscence.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
It is a gift box and a decorative piece, a wonderful addition to daily life. Builders of any age should receive the message of love and cherish the joy of LEGO buildings.

Who am I?
I recently became an AFOL after ending my Dark Ages- a relatively long one, so I'm catching up with many new bricks and innovative techniques! This is my first submission for Lego IDEA, and I hope it will be a great kick-off!

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