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Flatbed Ttruck


An eight stud wide truck. This would be a very playable set, as children could load the truck with "cargo''  and drive the the rig around the playroom. I just made this for a bit of fun - nothing too over-the-edge in terms of building methods. It models a unique paint job - blue with red trim. I think it slightly shares a similar cab design to the famous Peterbilt 379. Obviously, this cannot compete with the better models out there. But I still like it.

The truck itself is a flatbed, which is designed for things that won't fit in a box van. It can also be loaded and unloaded from any angle, which means forklifts can reach the cargo from the ground. No ramps nessassary! This would be fun for a younger auidience, as the build is basic, like I said. So, If your minifigs need a shed moved or construction equipment shipped, support this project! Happy building & keep on truckin!'

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