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Locomotive Depot

Since the beginning of LEGO City, different types of trains and vehicles have appeared in many sizes and forms. We had the opportunity to develop an entire Railway Empire, but one thing is still missing.  Now I have the honor to introduce you a new building that can complete our train collection: The Classic Locomotive Depot!

Built as a railway roundhouse
This kind of constructions were very popular in the last century, when the steam engines needed some special facilities for servicing and storing. The most interesting part is of course the turntable which can perform a 360° rotation. Early steam locomotives normally traveled forwards only. Although reverse operations capabilities were soon built into locomotive mechanisms, the controls were normally optimized for forward travel, and the locomotives often could not operate as well in reverse. Turntables allowed locomotives or other rolling stock to be turned around for the return journey, and roundhouses, designed to radiate around the turntables, were built to service and store these locomotives.
The turntable in this project can easily perform a 360° rotation together with a locomotive. It consists of two normal rail pieces (8x16) and a simple rotative element that can easily be aligned with the rest of the tracks.
Bahnbetriebswerk Dresden-Altstadt
Time to learn some German 😁 Bahnbetriebswerk is actually a combination of two words: bahn which primly refers to railroad and betriebswerk which can be translated as depot. The Dresden-Altstadt locomotive depot was constructed between 1871-1872 as a part of the extension strategy for Böhmischen Bahnhof ("Bohemian station", which was replaced in 1898 by the actual Dresden Hauptbahnhof).
The real locomotive depot was built with 9 storage places for steam locomotives. In this project I decided to develop only three storage places in order to keep the total number of pieces at a reasonable level. There are of course many other depots in Germany and Europe, but I chose the Dresden-Altstadt locomotive depot as a source of inspiration because its architecture is not so difficult to adapt into LEGO pieces.
When it comes to the structure, this depot has the following properties:
  • 2891 bricks, including the workers.
  • 360° rotating turntable.
  • 3 storage places that work for any existing LEGO locomotive or even wagons (maximal length 28 cm).
  • Easy-maneuverable doors for the locomotives.
  • Operation center over the storage places.
  • Rotating/removable roof elements that allow complete access inside the depot.
Even if it's a building, this design has some huge advantages. The model is designed with as many moving elements as possible to make it more playable and every part is accessible even when locomotives are inside. As mentioned earlier, this depot is suitable for any kind of locomotive that has been released (and hopefully also for those that will be released in the future) and even for wagons.  
There are quite many bricks in this model and I have to admit, it was a real challenge to find the right pieces for all those angles. I tried my best when it comes to recreating this depot and I hope that you will like this as much as I do 😁😁

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