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Make Any Set a Movie


New Things Are Coming Soon!

The last couple of months have been busy, however, I will be adding some additional set pieces very soon.  Keep checking back!


1000 Supporters!!!

Thanks to everyone's support, "Make Any Set a Movie" has reached 1000 supporters!

I really appreciate the support!

This project has really picked up some momentum over the past few weeks.  Please pass this idea on to your fellow Lego fans, and keep those support votes coming in!




The Green Screen is here!

Many of you have suggested the idea of having a green screen part of the movie set from the very start. After playing around with several designs, I have finally decided on the one I like best.  I have also added my own design for a small spaceship/prop to be incorporated with the green screen set.   I hope you all like the improvements.  Please keep checking back...there are a few more things to come!


Here is the green screen by itself...



The green screen with the spaceship prop...


And finally....the entire set including the green screen.


Thank You!!!

Over 200 supports in a handful of days!  

Thanks to my early supporters!

Help keep this idea alive and going strong. Please share with others.

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