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School Bus


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School buses are an important icon in all of our lives.  We go (or went) on them every day as a kid, but likely don't (or didn't) spend time appreciating their sleek design.  With a foldable stop sign and mirrors, steering wheel, windshield wipers, and more, this LEGO model contains nearly all of the details that exist on newer school buses.

Note that the pictures shown here are not of the complete model; I personally don't own all the pieces to complete it.  The actual LEGO set will have two complete rows of windows on each side of the bus.

This model is a moderately challenging build, and was very fun to design.  As somewhat of a perfectionist, I worked hard on the design to include details that I've never seen before in actual LEGO sets - such as windshield wipers.

Thank you for taking your time to check out my creation.

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