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Foo Fighter!


Now there's a close encounter...

In the early days of aviation, pilots called unidentified flying objects 'foo fighters', before the acronym UFO became common. Be witness to the encounter of these two pilots, one human and the other one not.

What's going to happen? Will they make contact? Will they fight? Will the even believe their eyes or not?

The foo fighter comes equipped with four antennae for deep space navigation, a laser gun, and something that might be a mind-bending transmitter. Who knows? There's a classic alien minifig included. The landing gear is set at 45° and employs insectoid legs, which I had to replace with other parts for the rendering.

The airplane is a late 1910s style explorer's plane, with additional wing tank for longer flights. The pilot minifig has a compass, a pair of binoculars, and probably a handgun in his belt.

This might be a turning point in human history.

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