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Are you ready to relive the most beautiful and famous game of the legendary 80's?
Here is a fantastic tribute to the game that has upset the lives of many players to transport them to the fantastic world of Pac-Man.
Help Pac-Man with your small vow, so that he can defeat all the ghosts!
Through this model, you can bring to light one of the most famous games that illuminated the world of video games.
The set includes the 8 ghosts  (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde - vulnerable or angry, the legendary Pac-Man and his food and the labyrinth made in the shape of the name of the game.
You can:

- Put on and take off the eyes of Pac-Man and the ghosts

- Change the ghosts according to your preferences

- Move both Pac-Man and ghosts in the maze

Will you be the fan who defeats most ghosts ??

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