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Japanese Crane


Japanese Crane

This construction represents a Japanese Crane, a bird in the beautiful snowy landscapes of the island of Okkaido in Japan. Here it is in a wedding parade on a frozen lake. It is an event that can be observed every year on the island of Okkaido.

I had the idea to create this set because I love animals, especially migratory birds. The Japanese Crane is an emblematic migratory bird and particularly beautiful of its wedding parades. I thought it was important to present this bird declared "in danger" by IUCN. It is also one of the largest birds in the world.

This construction could be a good collection Lego set, but this set is not at all manipulative, but to expose it. The set contains 245 pieces, the bird is 18 cm long and 24 cm high. The crane is held by a piece of Lego in the shape of a transparent rod. This set recreates well the wedding dance of the Japanese crane.

I've add a little video of my Japanese Crane on YouTube : 

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