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The Lego Wall Calendar


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What could be cooler for the true hardcore fan, than a 100% Lego wall calendar decorating his office or home? At 64x64 studs (four 32x32 baseplates), the calendar is clearly visible from an 8 meter distance. Add an interesting color-combination and you will have an ever-lasting piece of conversation, as well as an actual monthly calendar that will help you keep track of those special dates while showing off your passion for the brick.

Each date, weekday and letter was designed as a little mosaic; therefore, it is easy to change the language and/or the font of the calendar to the builder’s preferences. What’s more, every month you get to change the dates’ array, which adds to the fun to have a Lego calendar of your own.

The calendar’s frame is sturdy yet requires a minimum amount of bricks, which makes it light (about 6 lbs.) and safe enough to hang from a standard plastic thread. Mine has been hanging off the wall for six months now, with no significant wear or damage to the technic beams that hold the thread.

I believe every adult fan of Lego would love to have one of these on his wall. I know I do. Please support this set idea and help all other fans of Lego to have their own wall calendar to brag about and show it off to their friends!

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