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Parts pack in realistic colours for buildings

When I start to create a LEGO building, I often realize that there are not enough bricks available in colours that are really suited for a building in real life, especially for Southern Europe architecture, that uses milder colours than Northern Europe. The only suited colour with lots of available bricks is tan... but we can't do all our buildings tan!

I don't ask to introduce new colours, because LEGO has alredy produced them.
These colours were produced in the past and would be perfect for realistic buildings (I refer to the Bricklink name):
- light yellow
- medium orange
- pink (from Paradisa, not the bright one)
In addition, these colours are in production but many parts are not available or are too difficult to find:
- sand red
- medium dark flesh (we need plates in this colour! so far we have only bricks and archs)

So I propose to create a part pack with:
- 1xN bricks
- 1xN tiles
- 1xN plates
- 2xN and some bigger plates
- archs and other special parts (e.g. hinges, jumpers, slopes...)
produced in those colours.

The set doesn't need to have many copies of the same part, only a few for each part in each colour. AFOLs would buy more copies to have more parts. Obviously, it the included parts allow to create a little building, like a Creator set, it could appeal also to kids.

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