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Tower Crane City

Hi, I am a super fan of lego since I was a child known and loved by me as a lego system. I would like to share this idea of mine with you.
This "tower crane city" project of mine is an object used for the construction of buildings. The movement of materials and goods, usually in the presence of unevenness, barriers or obstacles.
It is equipped with an arm that rotates 360 'and a trolley that allows the hook to move horizontally and a cable that allows the hook to go up and down.It is equipped with an original lego counterweight sold in the 90s with the first sets of floating city boats. I really like the city theme, and that's why I try with my imagination and with the pieces provided by lego to try to create sets close to reality.Lego has created many more pieces than in the 90s where I already had many ideas but few pieces available, today I managed to realize a project that I had in mind many years ago. In my opinion it could be a fantastic set because since childhood you have been fascinated by all the construction vehicles and structures that are part of that world as well as emergency vehicles. It could be a very important set for those who care about the City theme. What are you waiting for if you like it, vote!

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