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Stud Lane Book Nook


We've missed you! A lot of things have changed down this small lane and I cannot wait to show you! Open up the book nook and let's explore!

Hello, I'm LordSquish! I live here on Stud Lane and I'm also head of the recently introduced planning committee. You've come at an amazing time because we've made some exciting improvements which will only enhance your visit here! Let's jump on in!


Staying loyal to the old style of the building, we've made some changes to the colours of the building and we even watered the plants a bit more so they grew higher over the side, Looks a lot fresher, don't you agree?

We've also been very busy removing windows that never existed in that colour and replaced them with available styles and colours!

We've massively refurbished the inside too, but that'll come soon!

Here at the planning committee, we felt Stud Lane was very lacking in fun colours and a playful feeling. so we got our brushes and brick separators and made a few adjustments!

Did you know Sand Red was a rare colour? We didn't! It also didn't exist in half the bricks we built this with... So was it even there? Luckily, it's now in a beautiful dark red. So my home is now real... PHEW!

Don't you hate it when you go the book store and your shop folds in half... and also didn't stock books? Yeah, we did too! So we knocked down The Nooks Books and rebuilt it. We also added books too!

Le Stud Muffin has recently invested in a state of the art 2x2 coffee machine and more fantastic baked goods, grab a croissant next time you're there!


One of the main problems we faced in the planning committee was what to do with the building at the end of the lane. We're no experts, but a plain wall didn't sound like much fun to play with! So we've give it some functioning windows, a door and turned it into The Old Duck Hotel. We still haven't invested in stairs between rooms so please consider levitation when staying!


One of the biggest problem our residents felt made it difficult to live in Stud Lane was the fact each home was only 1 stud deep... Apart from the structural problems in the long run, people weren't keen on being as wide as their home!

So we made every building 3x deeper! Now residents can turn in their home... and have actual functioning furniture, beds, fireplaces...and a chandelier (We're not here to judge!) It also means every building is now much more structurally sound!

Another thing we, as a planning committee, completely forget was actual residents for the lane... Seemed an oversight on our behalf but since we've since had some great new people move in since the big change! They're good friends of mine so be sure to say hi!

This set, in my opinion, is still one of the most fun options for a bookcase and the versatility this set has is endless.

  • Pop it in a bookcase
  • open it up and make it a backdrop to your city.
  • Fold one side and you've got a fun corner lane... It fits in anywhere!

The details and design will win the appeal for adults and the different buildings and playsets built into the lane creates an imaginary world of adventure for children!

So make sure you pop down to the new and improved Stud Lane Book Nook... You'll find us on your bookshelf!

Your friend,

Lord Squish
Stud Lane Planning Committee Chairman.

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