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J5 Space Security Firm

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This project is about a space security firm for hire. Out in the big black void of space itself, there are lots of planets and one would need a band of modern and up-to-date security officers to prevent money from falling into the wrong hands.

The minifigures

  1. Joe
  • The leader of the group, who always has ambitious plans, but unfortunately, not all of them work out well. He is an ex-cop, and hates space villains. He is seen riding the glider.

      2. Jones Zantrax

  • The weapons expert of the group, he is seen wearing the night vision goggles, special vest and a missle launcher.

      3. 00J1

  •  Robot drone who escaped a high tech Blacktron facility, who is currenty on the run. Generally considered the most dangerous member of the group. Good in hand to hand combat and most space weapons.

      4. Jim Trafford

  • A british technician who found work out in the stars. Space travel gave him the luxury of a slowed ageing process. Always wears a classic bowler hat.

      5. James Benford

  • Gunner and operater of the laser cannon. Second most dangerous member of the group.

The equipment

  1. The glider comes with one main engine and two secondary engines.There places to put Joe's blasters and there are two flick missles in front.
  2. The surveillance kit is a multifunctional tool kit. It can be used to detect weapons, communicate and contain stolen goods. It also has holders for two blasters. (Not seen in this picture)
  3. The laser cannon can be used to shoot down spacecraft as well as land vehicles. Cannon rotates.

Please support and share as there are only 365 for this project to reach the 10,000 mark.



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