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Hercules vs Hydra


This set represents Disney's cartoon Hercules from 1997.

Hercules is one of my favorite cartoons ever. 

This set doesn't have new molded pieces, just new printings.

This set has 346 pieces including minifigures and their accessories.

This set has 2 minifigures:


Satyr Phil

It also has Pegasus,flying horse and brick buildable Hydra..

When Hercules cuts Hydra's head,2 more heads will grow up,so the only way to kill her is to throw huge rock on her body.

It also has features:

Hydra can move her neck,head,tail and legs,and there is a huge rock piece who can fall on her body.

There are also 2 Greece statues.

Please support this project for more Hercules sets 


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