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LGX Prototype MK 2


The LGX Prototype is a heavy duty land/space traveler. The vehicle is designed for all terrains on or off planet. Armored with a grasping tentacle the machine can lift up onto its rear wheels giving it another way to move once the wheels are locked into place. The model is a older design that looks a little old fashion now compared to some other ideas but i hope it still feels futuristic. The LGX will be refined as and when i get the pieces. And its not based on a tv show or a film or a game or anything else like that so that's got to be a good thing.

Play Features:

  • The model can lift up onto its rear wheels
  • The body can tilt left and right going around corners
  • Grasping arm that can hold or lift.


  • Space Warrior JAFA with laser gun

The LGX was made with the idea that you could take it apart and make something else just as fun and cool looking.

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