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195 Pearl Hill Café

This is a model of 195 Pearl Hill Café is located in a police heritage building from the 1930s and is home to the last pushcart satay man "Ah Pui", nickname Fatty in Hokkien, he's known for his infamous handmade Hainanese Pork Satay. This set is made in commemoration of Singapore securing our Hawker Heritage for 2020 UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. The model was used to design the café and plan how we can activate the existing infrastructure like the small blue window.

Fatty have been cooking for 40 years and in his effort to preserve a cultural heritage of serving satay on a pushcart still, and he is at Pearl Hill Café. The team he works with all have a unique story of their own as reflected in this LEGO creation of their past jobs, see if you spot them and see if you can find out more over coffee when you visit the café.

The café was designed using LEGO to better understand how the different spaces can be activated with the community by the community. The model would be celebrated by several generations young and old especially the minifigure of Ah Pui, Fatty because he is the last satay hawker man in Singapore, and he is highly acclaimed and an icon of Singapore’s Hawker Culture.

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