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Utility Truck


A Lego City themed truck with separating back/front, three different items for delivery purpose (the camera can only barely fit in the crate) and two minifigures.

--Truck-- The truck itself has a yellow/green color palate, and it rotates at the center, making it fairly easy to turn.

--Minifigures-- The minifigures are exactly the same except for the slightly different faces. They come with a hammer and a wrench.

--Extra Items-- The delivery/utility items are binoculars, a cup, and a black camera. The set also includes a crate and a hand truck to transport the crate onto the truck.

--Review-- The truck that I assembled had an annoying groan to it when moving along, but I think that is just because some of the pieces are fairly old. There should be no problem with it if made with new pieces.

Lego Ideas Utility Truck

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