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This is a Zergling, from the videogame Starcraft. Starcraft is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) videogame where you have to fight against other players, using your units and your strategy ability.  On Starcraft there are 3 different races you can play with: Terran, Protoss and Zerg. The zergling is the base unit for the Zerg.
Basically, the zergling is a giant bug (compared to humans) with many teeth, claws and fangs. The fun fact is that on the videogame is the smallest unit for the zerg, so imagine how are big the other units!

The model has 199 pieces.
I builded it to be flexible and playable, trying to make it as much as possible similar to the original.

I built it because this is by far my favourite unit in the videogame and also because I want to help the Starcraft community to grow. I'd really like to see Lego Starcraft and I think that the zergling is the best unit to do!

I think that it will be a great Lego set because it's really playable from kids but at the same time can be a collection piece for every Starcraft and LEGO fan!

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