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F7A Inspired Diesel Locomotive


On Monday (6-25-2018), I started building this F7A inspired diesel locomotive with the bricks from my LEGO collection. This locomotive was not only inspired by the old grey train wheels and the red windscreen. On Wednesday (6-27-2018), I completed the building process. I hope you like this model!

Inside the locomotive, there are two sections: a cab section and an engine room. The cab section has one seat for a minifigure and a control panel to "control" the locomotive. The only thing that's in the engine room is a simple engine that sits on a 4x8 baseplate. It can be taken out simply by lifting off of the red platform it sits upon.

Thanks for viewing and supporting this project! Please tell me what you think of this model in the comments. Enjoy your day! By cheesy. 6/28/2018

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