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Flower House(Clock)


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The work presented here is a small wooden wall clock that was given as a gift in the past is broken. It is a house-shaped clock made of renewable LEGO. I wanted to keep the memories for a long time.
The hands of the watch move when you turn the knob behind the house, but it is not a watch that tells the exact time. Overall, it is a house full of beautiful flowers, a house where you can be with beautiful nature. It looks like a three-story house to the naked eye, but it is a two-story house with a basement. The first floor has a bed, table, counter, and a ladder and shelves to the second floor. On the second floor, there are devices such as the gears of the clock and the son's bed. The basement has chests of drawers and bins for storing various items. There is a vegetable garden at the back of the house.
The family of this house consists of a son and dog diligently digging firewood in the yard, a father carrying goods to the basement, and a mother relaxing with a cat sitting on a rocking swing in the basement. The basement is painted as if it came from another world. The chair she sits on is a bench that shakes when you turn a handle from behind.
In order to achieve my dream of living in a small rural brick house where a happy family lives, I made it because I wanted to put it by my side and see it. It was also created to engrave the importance of the environment and family through a family living in a small country. I hope it will be a precious gift for someone.

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