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Videogame Face-Off

This is a model of two gamers locked in an intense battle of SPACE GAME(as seen on the printed tile)!
On the outer edges of the model, the two players' rooms are shown. In each room, there is a bed, and more fun details that suit the personality of the gamers. I also made use of extra stickers to really add some personality and fun to the interiors of their rooms. The TVs in the rooms are the window to the game world, where the hero and the villain battle it out for dominance of space! They both have health bars, thanks to NINJAGO sets. I was inspired by that wave of sets, and I play video games like this  all the time. This set is great on display, and can also be used as a very versatile playset, making use of the vibrant minifigures and other details. I was limited by the small amount of parts I have, so this could be improved upon with the right parts! ;)  I would be so grateful for anyone who would support this project. Thanks for checking this model out, and good luck to any other aspiring builders!

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