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Doctors Office Modular Building


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This is the first Modular building that i built in Bricklink Studio. It consist of 3 floors (or 2 if you do not count with the ceiling). On the first floor it is a waiting room where the patients can wait for their turn, maybe they can thake a cup off coffee and read the daily news. When the Doctor comes down and says your name, you follow up to the Doctor's room. In the Doctors room it is a bed where you can lay down wile the Doctor investigating you. There are also some tools, medicines and a sink so the Doctor can wash his hands. In the "attic" there is a bed and a TV where the Doctor can take a break and maybe watch a movie!
All the floors can be removed to see the awesome interior!
This modular building fits with all the other Modulars that LEGO has come out with.

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