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Rugrats Reptar Wagon


Rugrats is an American TV show that ran in the 90s that also had several film adaptations. Rugrats follows Tommy the ever adventurous baby, his tiny brother Dil, his cowardly best friend Chuckie and his gross friends, twins Phil and Lil. In the Rugrats movie Stu, Tommy's father, builds the Reptar wagon for the babies based on their favourite cartoon Reptar. The Reptar wagon is what ultimately helps the babies succeed all their arduous trials.

I would love to see this design turned into an official Lego set as growing up I was obsessed with Rugrats and still love it to this day. The set has 133 bricks.

The only thing I would change about this design are the face decorations, I would like them to be more authentic to the Rugrats art style. 

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