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This idea is a lush swamp with a cabin, animals and lots of plants!

The Model:
The idea resembles a real swamp with it's murky water and plants such as cattails and common reeds, as well as animals such as frogs and alligators. I also included a rustic cabin that is built on an island and connected to another island via a wooden bridge. Something else I added was an airboat with it's giant aircraft-type propeller and also a normal inflatable boat.

The interior of the cabin consists of a giant freezer, a kitchen countertop, a wolf hide and two bunk beds.(there is also a rocking chair on the deck outside)
The exterior consists of a cabin, a bridge, a dock, an island with some chairs and a table and plants.

Size: 48 x 72 studs
         15"x 27" (38 cm x 69 cm) (Approximately)

Pieces: 2955

Why I built it:
Swamps cover only about 6 percent of the earth's surface and they are among the most valuable ecosystems on earth. They act like giant sponges, absorbing excess water from heavy rain fall, thus minimizing the chance of floods. They also protect coastal areas from storms that can wash away the coastline. I want people to realize the importance of swamps and the reasons behind the deterioration of swamps. Water and air pollution, land development and the introduction of invasive species are among the causes of the destruction of swamps.

Swamps are beautiful and important, we can not keep on doing what we are currently doing. Certain things must change.

Lego Set:
This idea is unique and full of detail. It has a lot of features and is fun to play with but it is also a very beautiful display. And as I said above, I hope it will help people to realize the importance of swamps.

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