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Star Wars Cloud City Collect and Connect sets

I know there has already been a Cloud City set, but it is discontinued and I never had a chance to get one. This is a new idea for the city in the sky. Collecting separate sets allows you to get more characters and more rooms of the city.

The set above is the maintenance catwalk battle.
It would include:
-Luke (Tan)
-Darth Vader

Here is a zoomed in picture of the minifigures.

Another set idea is the carbon freezing chamber.
This would include:
-Han Solo (white)
-Leia (white)
-Storm trooper
-Boba Fett

An Additional Note:

I am new to Lego Digital Designer, so the projects above might not look that great. The reason I made this was to get the idea out there and leave the rest to LEGO if it passes.

Thanks for the support!

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