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Classic Speed Record Cars


Thank you for viewing my creation!

These cars are based on a project idea that I have dreamed about for a long time.  I wanted to make minifigure-scale classic speedsters that were hooked up to Technic pistons.  These cars are exactly that, yet have the same if not more play-ability as regular city-scale cars!  I hope you like these cars as much as I do, and if these were a set, I have no doubt at all the owners of these cars would as well!  


  • Each car is based off of real automobiles (early 1900's) that were the fastest of the day!
  • The red car is a very much influenced by the European standards, with a small displacement, mid engine, streamlined design. 
  • The black car is based off of a more American take, with a very large displacement, front engine hot rod. 
  • Each car has working pistons, which are geared up for a faster RPM vs. RPM of the wheels.
  • Due to the strong properties of Technic, these models are EXTREMELY sturdy.
  • Each of these cars holds a Minifigure!

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