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Mini Alsace House


Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by...

After visiting Strasbourg, I was so fascinated by the atmosphere that I had to recreate that feel at Mighty Mini Scale!

I tried to capture the essence of these traditional buildings, as the top floors "stick out" from the ones below, in a sort of inverted stairway. The pointy roofs and the classic symmetrical façade, divided by the structural timber columns, complete the image I had in mind.

You might also notice an ancient roman arch that the some builder reused as part of the lower wall... : ))
In summer the balconies and windows of these houses are covered in red geranium flower, such a distinctive touch I wanted to include...

This small build complements the original Mini Modular layout as inverted corner, adding the possibility to create new geometries.Colours combinations are endless and I simply chose some that left me particularly impressed in Alsace.

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