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Winter Village Sports Shop


Winter Village sports shop

Allow me to introduce to you, the place to go for all minifigures!
This is the place in the Winter Village where minifigs can buy or rent their ice skates, skies, snowboards and much more.

This idea came to me as I was building a ski slope for my Winter Village layout, this shop was missing!

The shop is placed in a timber framed cottage with masonry bricks between the timber.
Decorated for the holidays with lights fixed on green branches and 2 snowboards fixed to the wall.
A couple of ice skates is haning as a sign at the front door.

Through the shop window you can see products presented for sale. A nice and warm hood with fur.

Main floor consists of shop packed of equipment for winter sports. Ice skates, skies, snowboards, backpacks, helmets and much more.
A small counter is here for the shop owner to handling costumers, with the old cash register.

The loft is where the storage of different products is and a small desk that has a small machine fixed to it. Its here the shop owner can sharpen and restore worn down ice skates.
And of course there is the fire place to heat up the shop and create "hygge" as we danes love it. 

Detailed info:
Elements: 540 pcs
Expected minifigs: 2-3 pcs.

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