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The Barber Shop


Doom, destruction, lots of "Ahh!s", extreme terror of the Barber shop. Especially if you are this guy(you know who he is if you looked at the pictures).

Well the barber shop isn't that bad. It's actually quite fun at times except if you're that guy. It's also really needed. So you don't end up like them. See 3rd to last picture. 

3rd- they haven't been here in years. Can you tell?

2nd to last, Mister Messyman tried to groom himself.

1st to last, Bjorn the Viking approved this Barber Shop. He comes here every Saturday. Vikings groomed themselves every saturday. (true story. really good for their time).

About the model: This awesome building comes with 9 extra hair pieces(left to right), Short girl hair, Joker hair, hollywood hair, Lord Business hair, Kimono Hair, Wyldstyle hair, George Washington hair, Fairy hair, Hobbit hair. It comes with 4 mirrors(I used magnifying glasses in this case, 2 spiked razors, 2 smooth razors, 4 hair dryers, 4 combs, 2 brushes, 4 hair dyes, 1 take out cup, 1 mug, 4 large chairs, and a whole lot of bricks. The roof is sturdy so it is removable. One of the best things about this set is that it is really open ended. You can take your existing minifigures and give them hair cuts or change their hair or whatever. It would also really contiribute to your lego city buildings collection or just lighten up your personally Bricksburg. I left the back open  so it is easier to play with.

It also comes with 4 minifigures. 2 workers, and 2 clients.

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