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LEGO Achievements


This is a stand that holds all your LEGO achievements... Have a friend interested in LEGO, well this is the thing to get people who are always wanting a way to feel successful, and that is exactly what these do. Each time you do something really excellent, and you are feeling accomplished to add a LEGO achievement to your stand. It is also a cool display set for anyone who comes to your house!

Why I built it?

When you make something out of LEGO, there is always that sense of accomplishment. Sometimes, you may want to award yourself with something for your success.

Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?

I think that people would love something to reward themselves with when they do something awesome with their LEGO.

Fun facts

Achievements also provide tangible evidence that colleagues, competitors and the wider world used to judge a person as more or less successful.

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