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Mythic Fantasy Worlds Series I

Enter the worlds of Myth, magic, fairytales and folklore with these sets.

Each series would focus on different themes (Classic Fairy tales, Nordic mythology, Greek Mythology, South American Mythology, Japanese Mythology, 101 Arabian nights, just to name a few that could be done).

This story is that there is a collection of guardians of the mutliverse that watch over and protect there various worlds from outside influence. On day, some unknown force sent massive energy pulse at the guardians during one of their meetings, in the attempts to destroy the guardians. The guardians survived the attack, but the backlash generated when defending themselves flung the various members into the very worlds that they protect. The majority of the guardians are scattered between the worlds, and it is up to the few remaining members to travel to the various worlds to find their companions and discover who or what this mysterious unknown menace is that threatens the cosmos.

The various guardians are not all regular mini figures, but also hybrid figures and mythic animals as guardians have been recruited from various worlds. The guardians would also have futuristic gear when traveling in their ‘home’ guardian world (where they monitor the other worlds. I was thinking like a big intergalactic space style setting), but would have to disguise the technology (through holograms or illusions) when in other worlds so as not to disrupt them (the guardians would have high tech, magi-tech or magic depending on their background to help protect the worlds). The guardian world would be sci-fi themed, where all the other worlds would be high fantasy.

The quest to find the other guardians begins with the few members that were not flung out of the guardian realm. These members would be a small set the guardians with a small dimension traveling vehicle and the beginning cast. The small group left would be a regular Lego mini fig, 1 elf mini fig, 1 fairy mini fig (the Bellville one is too big to use, unless fairies are giants, so I was thinking a fairy mini fig, with 2 sizes. His or her enhanced size (regular mini fig size), with a cape style wings attachment. And then there would be a ‘fairy size’, which would be smaller, kitten or bat size). Depending on the vehicle size, this would be a $9.99 to $15.99 set.

The supplemental sets (most $5.99 - $9.99) could have other guardian members (1 member plus their special accessories and a small set related to their specialty for protecting the worlds). Examples would be the wizard and his work tools (spell book, potions and the like), The mermaid with a small under water set, same with the merman. The dragon knight and his dragon (this one may cost a bit more), though unlike the old dragons this one would be a different color (white or pale yellow). The Griffin scholar (the animals can be members too) that has a bookcase with books. The magic princess who can talk to any animal, regardless if they have ‘Lego’ speech she could come with various animals. The possibilities are endless for these small sets, and there could also be several battle packs with various guardians (battle packs are $14.99).

The larger sets would be world themed (1-3+ sets per world, depending on the story). Some stories would only have a one or two sets (little red ridding hood, snow white, Cinderella, the fire bird, i.e. most classic fairy tales) Where others could have almost an entire series dedicated to it (Arabian knights, Greek, Nordic, Aztec, Japanese Mythology).

Series I – Classic European Fairytales.
note: any of these set could have a guardian member added to them, or the guardians could be found in just the smaller sets, letting people choose which worlds the various guardians have been flung into.

Candy Cottage [Hansel and Grettle] $20 (probably closer to $35...) – Candy decorated small cottage with hinged sides that open’s up to show the inside is just a large kitchen (has a large oven/fireplace) with a small sleeping area off to the side. Includes mini figures for Hansel, Grettle, and the candy witch.
Candy Cottage

Grandmother's house [Little Red Ridding Hood]$20 - Small cottage front with only one level that has bed for grandmother. Comes with grandmother, Red Riding Hood, A huntsman and a wolf (animal style, not minifig style). The wolf should be bigger than the dog figures, like shark size. Here's a link to the project I made for just this set: Grandmother's House

Woodland cottage [Sleeping Beauty] $25 (small fairy version) or $35 (minifig fairy version) – Woodland cottage with thatched roof, with 2 levels (front style, so just turn to see the interior). Comes with the 13 good fairies and Briar Rose (peasant style sleeping beauty).

Cinderella’s carriage $30 – The classic pumpkin carriage with a team of 4-6 horses to draw it and fancy wheels. This set also includes the fairy godmother, Cinderella (ball gown style and a change of body for torn dress style), a footman/driver for the carriage, 4-6 mice and a small pumpkin.

Repunzle’s Tower $40 – The tower has 3-5 levels, with Repunzle’s room at the top. This set includes the witch, Repunzle (with special long hair), the prince and his fancy horse.

Dwarf Cottage [Snow White] $50 – This cottage has 2 levels, though the second level is the cramped bedroom of the dwarves. This set includes Snow White, The seven dwarves, The prince (probably with a horse) and a ‘beggar woman’ with apples.

Ballroom [Cinderella] $60-$70 - A Large ballroom with a tiled floor and fancy columns. This set also includes a staircase for Cinderella to run down and a tall clock to indicate that time is running out. This set has mini figures for the Prince, Cinderella, The Stepmother, 3 stepsisters, and other aristocrats attending the ball (maybe the king too). All the mini figures are in ballroom attire and Cinderella even has glass slippers (clear 1x1 flats with the smooth 1x1 curved point on them).

The Dark Keep and Sleeping Castle [Sleeping Beauty] $100 - This set comes with the evil fairy’s castle, along with a castle covered in thorns for the sleeping castle. The evil fairy’s castle in the main building in this set, where as the sleeping castle is more like a partial castle, with just a front and tower. This set includes the Gallant prince and his horse, the evil fairy (mini fig size and a massive dragon size), plus a few of the inhabitants of the sleeping castle, including sleeping beauty. Optionally this set could include the 13 good fairies in their mini size, but I think that would make it cost a bit more.

I wanted to add in Rumpelstiltskin and the Frog Prince, but I haven’t figured out what to put from them in yet.

I was going to add a guardian Observatory to this series, but I think that will wait for series II - Slavic fairytales.
Also, each series will have different small guardian sets to purchase. Series I will come with the main 3 guardian set, plus have small sets like the princess, the gryphon and the mermaid (maybe even the dragon knight and the wizard)

-Now I am almost done with grandmother's house! See pictures below!

I will add models as I make them, though it may take a while. I will add some prototypes until I can design better models.

Other story options for this series would be a group of world hopping adventures who travel between dimensions to either record the events (write the classic tales) or to save the various tales from someone trying to change the stories. (these options would not have much of the sci-fi aspect, just the fantasy).

Edit: Prototype trial section:
Here's where I'll post links to the pictures of the prototypes I'm working on or that were scrapped

Original title picture options: These were the 3 I made and choose the current one shown for the title picture. Once I have a better picture (more sets/figures made), I will change it.
Big Group Shot
Smaller Group Shot, First Title Picture current picture
Fantasy/Mythology animals and the princess on a unicorn

Prototype set pictures:
Dragon Knight Training field (work in progress.....very Beginning stages) the dragon should be light yellow or white, but Lego doesn't make them in those colors.

Prototype for the Princess who can talk to any animal set. The base is not included, just the animals and the princess figure (for some reason, the picture gets cropped oddly). This set should include the princess, a unicorn, and a few animals. There are some suggestions in the picture of what could be included.
The princess is a translation specialist.
due to the cropping issue, I have added the full picture to photobucket: Full Picture

This is the gryphon scholar. He comes with a small bookshelf and a scroll to read. I had to use Buckbeak from the Harry Potter Lego sets, for there isn't a gryphon Lego (Buckbeak is a hippogriff).

Grandmothers house (little red ridding hood)
I have created a project for it with more pictures.
This set would run about $20

Mermaid botanist prototype. This guardian specializes in botany, and is shown collecting samples to study (does not come with a base plate). She helps guard the flora of the various worlds and has a database of all the plants in each world.
This set would come with the mermaid (with shoulder bag), the plants shown, a crab and a frog.
Sadly the pictures keep getting cropped funny.
Due tot he cropping issue, I have added the full picture to photobucket: Full

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