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Bumble Bee


My Dad bought me Lego before I can remember. I do remember receiving a set with lights, axels, and gears as well as the bulldozer, a space set, and a shell lory, sometime in the '70s. As the trend goes Lego was revisited when my first daughter was born. I spread what remained of my old collection out on the sitting room rug one Sunday and made a baby's mobile to entertain my daughter. It was too noisy but fun. 

Since 2011 I have enjoyed Lego's new sets using my daughters as an excuse. A month ago we got the Lego out.  For the first time, there was just too much to spread out and find things. So I sorted it. A few trips to the storage draws shops and 2 weeks later an organized and familiar lego collection. A rewarding exercise.

Having sorted and unwittingly familiarised myself with parts I found myself starting to make a bee. The idea was to draw people to my kids' school stool selling bumblebee biscuits and woolly bumble bees my wife made. The kids loved it, as did some parents. Are the basics there for a great set with fun gears, levers, movements, and sound? Fun to build and have on the desk or shelf. 

Power: M motor

Works the same when held upside down or swished around at all angles.

I hope you like it, please support.

Thank you for looking.

If you would like to see a video of it working - 



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