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The Adventures of Tintin - Seaplane

Hello all Tintin fans out there!
This is my latest project. I hope you like it.
If you do, don't forget to support.

I tried to replicate the Bellanca 31-42 Seaplane from the movie The Adventures of Tintin.
I used the movie as a reference, because the plane had way more detail than it did in the comic edition.
This means that this is not made from the comic edition but is very similar to it.

The plane has a great amount of detail; guns, exhaust, doors to the cockpit, lights at the tip of the wings, rudders etc.
What I'm most fond about is the organic shape of the wings and the tail.

You can fit two minifigures in the cockpit by taking of the roof.

The set:
The seaplane alone is a total of 400 pieces.

The set also includes a the rowboat and the following minifigures:
Captain (Archibald) Haddock
Pilot 1
Pilot 2

One thing I have worked on adding is the ability to open the "hood" on the plane, just like the pilotes do in the movie, but I have not yet made anything where I didn't sacrifice too much on the aesthetical part.

From the top you are able to see the streamlined shape of the tail.

This is the rowboat in the set that Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy escapes in.
I really like this simple design that truly resembles an old wooden rowboat, just like in the movie.
I have added some oars and a little fire so you are able to play out the scene from the movie.

Thank you for your time.

I really hope to get your support.