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Merlin: Ghost Knight Attack


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“In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name... Merlin.”
-Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon

BBC’s wonderful show Merlin has run for five thrilling seasons and now the adventure continues in LEGO form! The series Merlin is a reimagining of the classic King Arthur tales, with the sorcerer Merlin as a young man living in Camelot where magic is banned. He must conceal his powerful abilities while protecting the kingdom. Filled with magic, action, and monsters, Merlin would be a perfect addition to LEGO. This set is loosely based on the episode “The Fires of Idirsholas,” in which the villainous Morgana releases a group of ghost knights (the Knights of Medhir) to attack Camelot.

The main feature of the set is Gaius’ iconic room, which also includes Merlin’s room at the back. The setting is spacious and show accurate, with lots of potions and books to recreate the feel and ambiance of Merlin’s place of residence. I attempted to replicate the show’s architecture in my building style.

Included are several show accurate elements and play features such as: the entrance; a hiding place under Merlin’s bed where he keeps his Sidhe Staff and magic book; the stone dog Merlin brings to life in “Valiant”; a function to blast Gaius (or anyone you choose) through the railing of the second floor; one of the shield snakes from “Valiant”; and, of course, the sword Excalibur.

Five minifigures are included: Merlin (with Sidhe Staff), Arthur Pendragon (with Excalibur), Morgana, Gaius, and two Knights of Medhir (with swords).

This set would allow Merlin fans to reenact many key moments of the show in LEGO form, as well as create their own stories in a land of myth. If you want LEGO Merlin to become a reality, please support, and thank you for reading!

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