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CSX Geometry Train


A geometry train is a train that measures track geometry thanks to the use of eletro-magnetical devices. These trains are used to pinpoint any kind of defect in the tracks for the safe operation of the trains. Using a geometry train can be more efficient than using actual people like what was used before. Although people onboard the train still search the track manually.

This build includes a CSX GP40WH-2 numbered 9969 which is the locomotive that pulls the train. It contains a cab that is big enough for the engineer to sit in and drive the train. The cars that the locomotive is pulling are geometry cars. The second geometry car contains a rear window for humans to look out. Inside, there are track geometry equipment that the people can examine the data. I think that this would make a good lego set because the train has good detail and it is very accurate to the real CSX geometry train.

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