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LC-1 Emporos

The Trader ship:

Dear Visitor!

"Welcome back to the Trachonia system!
You see the smallest, busiest ship in our merchant fleet. Very popular with users. A nimble, small  merchant ship. We deliver the raw materials mined in the system, which are highly sought after in the neighboring systems, to the users. As these raw materials are also highly sought after by pirates, the ship is well armed with automatic aiming cannons. Larger bands are also protected by escort hunters (SF-1 Aetos) ..."

This could also be the introductory text for this custom development model. The continuation of the story can be in your hands :)In any case, I built this model. The model consists of 377 parts, with launchers on the wings and the back. It's size and design are really worthwhile for others to build!

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