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Silver Wraith II Rolls Royce


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I made the Silver Wraith II Rolls Royce because I love the Rolls Royce brand of luxury cars. I am also a big Lego fan.

Since both Rolls Royce and Lego stand for symbols of quality in the automobile and the toy industry, I always believed that a Rolls Royce set would make an excellent addition to the Lego product line. I first got inspired by the Rolls Royce brand when I saw a brown Silver Wraith II Rolls Royce at a Retro car show. I admired the beauty of the car from the outside and got the privilege to sit inside and experience the comfort and luxury of the Silver Wraith II. I first built a smaller version of the model and I thought that it would make an excellent Lego Creator Expert set. Of course, I used the parts I have on hand, therefore I would request that the steering wheel be bigger if the set gets to production.

To sum up, I truly believe that both Lego and Rolls Royce would benefit by producing this set for a larger audience of customers. The benefit will be not only financial, but also will validate the brand image of both Lego and Rolls Royce.

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