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Slime Dino Dragon


Hello fellow LEGO fans, as you should know, I like dinosaurs. Did you see my other projects Night Dragon and Ice Chinese Dragon? I think they would be pretty cool LEGO sets. Anyway, meet Slime, the, well, slime dragon. He is a healer Dragon AND can change into a brachiosaurus! Slime is a  "shawman" to dragons. Slime is a friend of my dragons Shard the Chinese dragon and Nightfly the Night dragon. Shard and Nightfly want to build a pack and want Slime to join them. Shard and Nightfly found Slime in the forest.

Description: Slime is a talking slime dragon who has joined a night dragon and a Chinese dragon on their quest to make a pack. He has an extra pair of feet, a headboard head, and a transforming mode. Dragon size: length is 14 1/2 in. Shoulder height is 3 in. Wingspan is 12 in. Dinosaur size: length is 18 1/2 in. Shoulder height is 3 in. Wings are folded or taken off.

Hope you like Slime and support him, he will make your dragons stay healthy!

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