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Postman Pat


Early in the morning, the one and only, the legendary, the iconic, yet humble to the core, Pat the Postman delivers mail, packages, and a smile to one and all.

The printed yellow 1×2 tile license plates clearly give away that the man inside of this red post car is Pat himself. The front window can be angled to a 90°, in order to easily access the driver seat. The “Royal ER Mail” print in the main photo, is computer made and suggested to be a sticker covering 3 elements. 

He is approaching a mailbox to deliver the letter placed at the top of the pile. A bird sitting on the dry-stacked stone wall is singing to greet him. The back doors of the car can be opened; there are some packages inside waiting to be delivered further down the road.

His black and white cat is of course also included. You can find Jess on the top of the car. 

This is an awesome creation to display, and it is an even more awesome creation to play with.

Your support makes me feel like a really happy brick builder! Thanks!

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